About Me

For years, I didn’t have a clear understanding of what coaching was—or could be. Sure, I’d heard of life coaches and wellness coaches, but I didn’t have experience with the shifts possible when working with a trained, professional coach to develop people as authentic, creative, evolving individuals. Whether you’re hoping to make a big change in your career, grow leadership skills, resolve challenging work dynamics, leverage strengths, break down barriers, align your personal and professional missions and visions, or recalibrate during times of loss or transition, coaching is a powerful approach.

I first experienced the power of coaching when my partner engaged a coach after transitioning into a new CEO role. I listened as my partner described the powerful questions they explored during coaching sessions—and the experiments they designed to uncover possibilities and challenge assumptions.

I watched my partner’s leadership skills strengthen and new insights emerge. Before long, a vision for the future and the path to get there became clear. It was, in a word, transformative. I was immediately captivated and began to explore what it takes to become a truly great coach.

I quickly discovered that the best coaching happens through asking powerful questions. While I admit I don’t have all the answers, I do have really good questions to help you discover the answers you need. With a BA and an MS in Psychology and a career focussed on evaluation and outcomes measurement (not to mention a love of detective novels!), questions are core to who I am and how I think.​

In coaching, the questions I ask position you—the client—at the center. And that’s exactly where you should be; you are the expert on you. I believe each one of my clients is incredibly capable and inherently resourceful. When you are at the center of your own growth and development, the changes you make are far more meaningful and, as a result, sustainable.